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Healing, the final key to living a high-quality life. What do we mean by healing? We’ve learned that our body carries and holds traumas and dark energies that we’ve inherited from our ancestors before us. In addition to that, we have our own childhood and adult traumas, on top of the stresses of everyday life. In today’s instant gratification and hyper fast society, we don’t seem to have a real opportunity to allow ourselves the space to feel and work through all of it. So, the body becomes a holding tank for ungrieved, unresolved emotions and feelings. This then manifests as sickness and illness, aches and pains within the body. In knowing this, we’ve found that it is important for us to allow ourselves the space it needs to do the necessary work; to grieve, to resolve those issues, and to heal from the traumas so we can release ourselves and move forward with evolution. Some of the healing practices we use for this work are, but not limited to, meditation, breath work, bodywork, shadow work, sound baths, reiki and much more.

10% of ALL program and plan purchases are donated to Rooted Emergence, a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems, Inc.  

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"Lature’s body therapy has been quite the spiritual experience. 5 stars all around. The whole process starts a couple days before with a cleanse. He’s thorough and accessible when I’ve had any questions. He’s professional, patient and considerate - Checking in with my comfortability level during every step of the session. I love that the experience is customized to my needs. The setting was cozy and relaxing. The energy and intention he held allowed for a safe and secure space for me to be in touch with my emotional and spiritual needs. I became emotional during both of my sessions, further pushing me to examine the areas I need attention and healing. I was surprised that so much trauma is held in the body and the release of it through body therapy. Not to mention who doesn’t love a great massage, but it was so much more than that! After my first session, I immediately asked for another and will continue to see him. I recommend going to him- an expert in his craft with healing hands!"

Sweetina K.

"The way Lature sets up the ambience for the space is very unique and ceremonial, candlelit and aromatic. The session began with him smudging my auric field with Palo Santo, then a light meditation to regulate our breathing. The massage was extremely relaxing, I prefer a softer swedish style since I have very sensitive skin. Lature has magical hands. He knows all the right pressure points. The hand and foot massage was my favorite. If your looking for a safe space to relax I highly recommend."

Maria J.

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