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Breathe, for within the rhythm of your breath lies the gateway to healing, transformation, and profound self-discovery.

WHAT IS RELEASE Breathwork ?

RELEASE Breathwork™ is an ever-evolving system of transformative practices, incorporating breathwork, movement techniques, and ancient wisdom, designed to revitalize and restore vitality to our lives. Inspired by personal healing journeys and a blend of scientific research, Eastern philosophies, and indigenous teachings, RELEASE™ offers a holistic approach to healing and well-being.

At the core of the RELEASE Breathwork™ system is the profound power of the breath. It is through the breath that we reconnect with the essence of life and unlock our true potential. Founder Lature combines specific breathing rhythms and intensities with grounded facilitation to guide the release of stagnant energy and unprocessed emotions. By altering our state of consciousness, we gain a fresh perspective on life and tap into the innate wisdom of our bodies, catalyzing the healing process.

By releasing stagnant energy and emotional baggage, we clear the path to reclaim our vitality. The live experiences led by Lature are deeply transformative, providing not only cognitive catharsis but also a physical and spiritual release. These powerful events offer clarity, peace, and a renewed sense of purpose. To learn more about our live events, please click here.

Once the fog of blockages has dissipated, we embark on the journey of building energetic capacity and sensitivity, essential for creating an authentic and purpose-driven life. While RELEASE Breathwork™ serves as a powerful healing tool, it’s important to view it as a catalyst for change rather than a quick fix. Sustaining vitality requires daily discipline and commitment, as we continue to cultivate our energetic structures and expand our capacity to harness and channel energy.

Lature is dedicated to further developing programs and resources to support the ongoing work beyond release. Stay tuned for upcoming updates as we continue to provide the tools and practices necessary for daily energetic maintenance and growth.

At RELEASE Breathwork™, we believe that every individual possesses the innate power to heal and reclaim their vitality. 

Download our Introduction to Breathwork ebook after signing up. 


Who can benefit from this?

Individuals seeking to heal from negative experiences, release resentment, dissolve energetic blockages, liberate themselves from external influences, and unleash suppressed emotions that may contribute to various physiological dysfunctions.

Individuals seeking to explore their life's purpose and are on a journey of spiritual development will often discover self-realization and undergo a profound shift in their ego, paving the way for deep personal growth and spiritual awakening.

By integrating daily breathing practices, athletes can achieve greater balance, enhance physical and mental recovery, find their center, and experience more frequent states of being in the zone during their performances.

Individuals working in high-stress corporate and business environments. By promoting homeostasis within the body, breathwork enables individuals to tackle important and demanding tasks with clarity, focus, and resilience.

Curious to explore the wonders of breathwork?

Across the ages, diverse breathing practices have emerged, originating from ancient India in the form of energy-moving exercises known as Pranayamas. These practices aim to enhance energetic capacity, foster mind-body balance, and promote overall well-being through the manipulation of breath rhythms and techniques. As scientific research delves deeper into these practices, their effectiveness in treating various ailments and disorders is being acknowledged. Lature’s approach seamlessly integrates both the scientific and energetic aspects of breathwork.


During these practices, two distinct processes come into play:

  1. Controlled Oxygen Deprivation (Intermittent Hypoxia)
    Through controlled oxygen deprivation (intermittent hypoxia) in breathwork practices, we consciously adjust our breath rhythm to create a micro-stress within the body, limiting the absorption of oxygen. This activates a compensatory response, increasing red blood cell volume and improving blood quality and metabolism. Cellular fasting occurs, generating new cells and restoring the proper functioning of existing ones, facilitating profound transformation on both physical and emotional levels. 

    Additionally, the Bohr effect comes into play, where the release of oxygen from red blood cells is influenced by factors like acidity and carbon dioxide levels. By intentionally decreasing oxygen supply, carbon dioxide builds up, triggering the Bohr effect and supporting metabolic needs and cellular function. By harnessing these physiological responses, breathwork practitioners can enhance blood quality, improve metabolism, and stimulate the body's self-healing mechanisms. Experience the transformative power of breathwork as you tap into these profound processes of healing and renewal.


  2. Oxygen Saturation 
    In this state, we transcend the limitations of ordinary thinking and access a deep meditative state, often accompanied by profound insights and expanded consciousness. Intense waves of energy flow through our being, evoking feelings of joy, gratitude, and love. This heightened state of awareness brings about numerous health benefits, including hormone balance and improved physical well-being. Operating from this state on a daily basis supports success and effortless manifestation in all aspects of life.

The intensity of these practices can lead to spiritual realizations, ego dissolution, and a state of complete focus where possibilities abound and life unfolds effortlessly. Join us on this transformative journey of breath and consciousness, unlocking the potential within you.

Download our Introduction to Breathwork ebook after signing up. 




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Is RELEASE Breathwork™ right for you? How can you determine if this transformative practice aligns with your needs and goals?

Are you plagued by chronic pain or persistent physical discomfort?

Are you trapped in a cycle of unhealthy habits and struggling to break free?

Do you frequently find yourself easily agitated & frustrated with people and situations?

Have you recently experienced a loss or gone through a challenging breakup?

Is it difficult for you to maintain focus and concentration on tasks?

Have you been let down by traditional therapy & conventional healing approaches?

Do you feel drained & lack the energy needed to make positive changes in your life?

Are you frequently battling with anxiety and/or depression?

Do you struggle with falling asleep and getting a restful night's sleep?

Do you often feel unmotivated and as if your life lacks purpose and direction?

Are you living paycheck to paycheck, feeling financially strained?

Do you struggle to recognize and acknowledge your own emotional states?

If you've answered yes to multiple questions, then you've come to the right place!

Download our Introduction to Breathwork ebook after signing up. 



"I had the incredible privilege of being guided by Lature in a holotropic breathwork class, and I cannot express enough gratitude for the transformative experience. Lature's expertise and compassionate presence created a safe and nurturing environment throughout the session. His deep understanding of the breathwork technique allowed me to delve into profound states of consciousness, unlocking layers of self-exploration and healing. Lature's soothing voice and gentle encouragement supported me every step of the way, making me feel seen, heard, and supported. Under Lature's skillful guidance, I felt empowered to confront and release deep-seated traumas, gaining profound insights into my personal journey. I highly recommend Lature as an exceptional instructor whose expertise and genuine care create a truly transformative holotropic breathwork experience."

C. Becker

“I have to share my experience with the breathwork. It was truly powerful. This was a much needed exercise to help release emotions and come into peace with my inner self. Without me giving too much in depth detail on the actual process, I will definitely say that this exercise can help anyone that is open to give it a chance and you won’t be disappointed with the results you get from this. I felt brand new afterwards and motivated to become the person I want to be and Lature will help you and listen to you. He will also keep in contact and guide you to be a better person mentally, physically, and spiritually. He lives up to the motto of NuCellf. Much love and respect to NuCellf for allowing me to be apart of this life changing experience."

A. Patterson

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