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Our mission at NuCellf is to use various holistic approaches to improve health. We believe in the power of movement, clean eating, and awareness in our daily lives. Due to many social determinants and a lack of Self-knowledge, we face many challenges when it comes to taking care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health. At NuCellf, we've cultivated a community of passionate, loving, and skilled human beings who are here to help guide you back into connection with Self. 

NuCellf is a proud donor of Rooted Emergence, a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems, Inc.  10% of ALL program and plan purchases are donated to Rooted Emergence. 


NuCellf was founded as a passion project by wellness coach Lature Van Duren. With over 14 years of experience in the well-being sector, Lature saw a constant increase in sick people around the globe. He founded NuCellf to improve human health using practices that will help one cultivate a new way of living, in turn, improving their health and the health of the planet.  


Change and Adaptability

We believe the body is capable of many things; if we allow change to take place and we respond with preparedness, we will be able to overcome and withstand most obstacles be it mental, physical, or emotional.



We share what we practice, understanding that we are students of these practices before we are teachers.



We use several holistic approaches in our programs, including movement ranges from animal flow and qi gong to yoga and calisthenics. Nutrition covers plant-based education and food knowledge. Spiritual practices involve meditation and energy healing bodywork.


We operate at our highest levels when we work in the following areas:

Qi Gong



Feldenkreis Method

Animal Flow

and more...

Nutrition coaching

Plant-Based meal recipes

Food knowledge and education

Grocery store and farmer's market "how to shop" tours

Cooking classes

and more...





Sound Baths

Cacao Ceremonies

and more...

Own your health

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