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Physical movement is one of the keys to living a long, high-quality life. This body you are taking with you until the very last breath, so it’s safe to say the way you take care of it will determine the quality of life you live. Therefore, we find it important to learn how to move with confidence; efficiently and safely; with strength and awareness.

We practice the following forms of training, but not limited to, qi gong, animal flow, calisthenics, functional range conditioning, yoga, and many other forms of movement, sports, and activities.

We specialize in teaching body awareness and body exploration through conscious movement. This brings us into cultivating a deeper relationship with Self. When one learns to bring awareness into their body, one then creates the space for an exploratory journey of Self.

10% of ALL program and plan purchases are donated to Rooted Emergence, a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems, Inc.  

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Programs and packages starting at $599, based on individual consultation and best plan for your needs.

3x/week Coaching

Movement Membership Program #3

A program designed to reconnect you with your body, jumpstart your healing process, and build a new foundation of habits that will lead you towards optimal health.



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12 Weeks

24 Pack

24 Flex Pack



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"I have worked with Lature for more than two years and can say confidently that he is an excellent trainer. Lature has a natural talent for understanding people holistically, and applies that understanding to tailoring unique exercises. Lature’s breadth of knowledge in physical and mental exercise provides effective and enjoyable training sessions. His focus on form and breath has transformed my relationship with physical exercise and helped me tackle challenges with ease. Lature’s personable and positive demeanor makes training sessions fun and engaging. He will surely prove an asset to anyone interested in improving their physical health."

Delilah S.

 “It’s been great training weekly with Lature since 2020! Lature is a fun and very supportive trainer, and our sessions are motivating, challenging, and highly rewarding.  He’s truly expert at designing trainings to meet my personal goals, and patiently showing me how to use proper form, technique, and breathing to get the most out of my workouts.” 

Craig S.

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