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Empowering Transformation Through Wellness

Strength. Resilience. Community.
NuCellf and CONBODY, two wellness powerhouses born from the challenges of incarceration, unite to forge a healthier, more equitable future for urban communities in New York City.

Our Story

From the crucible of their past, two visionaries, Lature and Coss, emerged, transformed and determined to forge new paths. Both having navigated the tumultuous journey of incarceration, they understood the profound power of change.

Inspired by Coss's resilience and entrepreneurial spirit, Lature found his way to CONBODY, a unique fitness studio that both employed formerly incarcerated individuals and offered intensive bodyweight bootcamp classes. He began humbly, manning the front desk, yet his ambition was relentless. As he juggled daily tasks, he was also meticulously studying for his NASM personal trainer certification, fueled by a deep desire to empower others.

Gradually, Lature moved from greeting members to leading them, becoming a full-time instructor at CONBODY. His passion for transformation led him to dedicate over a year to teaching others the CONBODY method, sparking powerful change in countless lives.

Yet, Lature's vision extended beyond the confines of the fitness studio. His dream? NuCellf - a health and wellness company that would marry the principles of movement, healing, and plant-based nutrition to offer a holistic wellness approach.

Today, that dream is a reality. NuCellf and CONBODY are joining forces, aiming to disrupt the urban wellness landscape of NYC. Together, we combine intense bodyweight workouts, calming practices like qigong and breathwork, and nourishing plant-based nutrition strategies, offering a comprehensive wellness journey to our urban community.

Our Partnership Mission

Our mission is not just about transformation—it's about empowerment and opportunity. We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their past, deserves the chance to reshape their future and redefine their narrative.

Together, we aim to address each critical area of health—mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional—through a unique blend of CONBODY's non-stop, bodyweight, prison-style fitness method and NuCellf's Trinity of Optimal Health: Movement, Nutrition, and Healing.

But our commitment extends beyond providing holistic health programs. We also focus on creating viable career paths for those who have been incarcerated. Both NuCellf and CONBODY understand the challenges faced by the formerly incarcerated in reintegrating into society and securing employment. To address this, we proudly hire these individuals, investing in them not just as employees but as potential health leaders in our community.

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We provide intensive personal trainer certification coaching to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective group fitness instructors or health coaches. In doing so, we aren't just giving them a job—we're giving them a career, a community, and an opportunity to leverage their life experiences to inspire and guide others towards a healthier life.

In this way, we strive to guide our community members towards a high-quality, intentional life, free of chronic disease and toxic habits. Together, we are reshaping narratives, reclaiming lives, and redefining what it means to be healthy and empowered.

Our Events

We've explored the spectrum of wellness in our events, from heart-pounding bodyweight fitness classes at CONBODY to soothing breathwork sessions at NuCellf, from plant-based culinary adventures to engaging community discussions that uplift and inspire. In partnership with renowned establishments like the Moxy Hotel, we've turned traditional health events into immersive experiences.


Explore our past events [link to a page with event photos and descriptions] and step into the dynamic world of NuCellf and CONBODY at our next engagement!

Conbody Events
NuCellf x CONBODY RELEASE Breathwork™ Live Experience
NuCellf x CONBODY RELEASE Breathwork™ Live Experience
Aug 05, 2023, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
New York,
121 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002, USA

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