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Emma Kestler

Holistic Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, and Reiki Master

Emma Kestler is a Holistic Fitness & Nutrition Coach and Reiki Master Teacher from NYC, now based in El Paso, Texas. She spent over a decade visiting various doctors and specialists trying to figure out why she was experiencing mystery symptoms such as IBS, hormone imbalance, and mood issues, only to be told she was fine and handed a prescription for another drug that would mask her symptoms. She had an intense desire to discover the root cause of her health issues, and was able to do so by becoming her own health advocate. While working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner Emma uncovered several underlying conditions, and as she started to work on balancing her gut and hormones naturally, she also knew she had to heal her relationship with food and her body. 

Emma had spent years restricting, binging, and following diets that promote fat loss to mold herself into an “ideal body”. She had damaged her hormones and metabolism through this cycle of restrictive eating and yo-yo dieting. Emma was trapped in a diet mindset and knew she would have to work through this to achieve the optimal health her body wanted to be in. It was during this time that Emma discovered Reiki and delved into the energetic side of healing, and how releasing trapped emotions could catapult her recovery. 

This is why Emma is so passionate about using holistic methods to help other women break away from the restrictive dieting mentality, and learn how to nourish their bodies intuitively while also reaching their body and health goals. She offers virtual 1:1 fitness and nutrition coaching and Reiki sessions, as well as Reiki sessions, events, and personal training in El Paso, Texas.

Emma Kestler
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