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7-Day Push-Up Challenge

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reconstructing an entire keyboard using a looping sequence of alphas will occupy you for a few weeks. getting that long of a loop is problematic with a usb port, even if you have lots of energy stored up. fortunately, we can start with a smaller loop and add it to a byte array. the initial long loop will serve as a checksum to ensure all the smaller loops are present.


b>>return uzerok(code); c>*>loopback-=1; c>>*>add(buttonleft); c>>(return uzerok(code)); as you can see from the code, this is just a single layer of loopback-=1, a move to left, *> loopback condition, and add(button). we could also add an add(keyvalue), but that would add an extra byte. it's better to add one unit of a current data to the loop. this code will create two pieces of the final file; a serial number and a checksum.

the first loop will write enablestart for one move, then !enablestart for one move, then !enablestart for one move, then enablestart for one move. repeating this, it loops back to the beginning. unlike the long loop, we can add this as a sequence of bytes, or 0x80 bytes when the bytes are an integer in ascii. this allows us to build up the sequence from bytes.

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