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Wellness Coach


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

At NuCellf, we are looking for individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the current health crisis to become a part of our family. Our coaches are dedicated to building personal connections and strive to achieve remarkable results with their clients. They are focused on equipping clients with the tools, skills, and understanding they need to establish a healthy lifestyle and positive relationship with themselves. They guide clients in learning how to move with self-assurance, efficiency, and safety, along with strength and consciousness.

Our coaches design custom fitness, nutrition, and wellness plans for clients with the aid of AI technology. They then guide clients through these plans using our coaching platform, and provide daily support through text messaging. This automation allows coaches to effectively work with many more clients in the same amount of time.

We aim to make elite level personal training accessible to everyone through our coaching platform. We are building a team of exceptional wellness experts to utilize the cutting-edge technology of our one-of-a-kind coaching platform to enhance the human, personal training experience. We are in search of coaches who acknowledge that fitness can be holistic and a full-body, immersive experience; and are able to lead clients towards their goals by using an evidence-based and all-encompassing approach to fitness, health and wellness.

This opportunity is perfect for both seasoned and novice coaches who are seeking to leverage the leading virtual training platform in the industry to either maintain their current client base and/or build new relationships with clients within the ecosystem. We are dedicated to promoting not only personal growth for individual trainers, but also fostering a community of trainers focused on ongoing professional and personal development.
If this sounds like you, please review the list of requirements below and continue.



  • Valid personal trainer certification from a nationally accredited certifying fitness body. (NASM, ACSM, ACE, NSCA, etc.) – Preferred.

  • If you are not yet certified, but are interested in becoming a personal trainer, please continue with the application process. We offer an entry level internship along with exclusive discounted rates to earn your NASM Personal Trainer Certification.

  • Valid nutrition certification or degree in a related field – preferred. Basic knowledge of nutrition and the ability to provide guidance on healthy eating habits.

  • If you are not yet certified, licensed, or registered in nutrition, but are interested in becoming certified in Plant-Based nutrition, please continue with the application process. We offer exclusive discounted rates to earn your certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through the Center for Nutrition Studies.

  • 2+ year coaching experience – Preferred. Expertise in multiple fitness disciplines, including, but not limited to calisthenics, kettlebell training, weightlifting, yoga, and corrective exercises. Deep expertise in the human body, training, nutrition, and fitness schedule programming.

  • If you are new to the health and wellness field, please continue with the application process. We are willing to teach and guide you AS LONG AS you are willing to invest in yourself!

  • Valid CPR and First Aid certification.

  • Strive for a balance of autonomy & collaboration, all in service of the client experience.

  • Driven to create change using health practices.

  • Progress and results driven.

  • Leadership - ability to motivate clients.

  • Personable and relatable.

  • Genuine, authentic, and integrous.

  • Passionate, curious, and interested in movement, nutrition, and healing.

  • Above average work ethic.

  • Availability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends.

  • Strong interpersonal skills.

  • Own or have access to a computer or phone – preferred. Basic computer skills, including the ability to use scheduling and tracking software.

  • A big personality without a big ego


  • Sales experience

  • Social media engagement: Ability to build a brand on the web and acquire customers

  • Advanced degrees in any form of sports training, anatomy, science, or nutrition or the likes thereof

  • Experience with startups and/or cutting edge tech


  • Demonstrate a clear history of learning & self-development through additional certifications, specializations, and ongoing education (seminars, master classes, workshops, podcasts, etc.)

  • Have deep experience with functional movement training

  • Have deep experience with holistic health coaching (nutrition coaching, sleep coaching, behavior change coaching, etc.)

About the Company

COMPANY MISSION: We help people re-establish their relationship with Self and health by weaving movement, nutrition, and healing into the fabric of their lives.

NuCellf is a BIPOC-owned, health and wellness center and online coaching community that aims to help millions of people around the world re-establish their relationship with Self and health. We focus on four pillars: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional using the practice of what we call “the Trinity of Optimal Health:'' movement, nutrition, and healing. We provide patients with both short-term and long-term, immersive health program options that teach various lifestyle changes and techniques to help with reversing chronic disease and mental illness, rid them of toxic habits, and bring them towards living a high-quality, intentional life as they evolve into their New Self.

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