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Come And See Napisy Polskie

The two, along with Amity, Alador, Gus, Hunter, and their palismen, continue to journey to the head of the Titan, where Luz should be. Everyone on board is extremely on edge and tense; Hunter adjusts some of the steering pieces of the ship, which aggravates Alador and triggers an outburst from Amity about the pace they're going at, making her worry about her girlfriend even more. Alador questions whether Hunter is even on their side, but the boy's claims that Alador was the one who made various abomination weapons for the Emperor makes him briefly lose control of the ship. Gus' remark about distracting the pilot causes an argument, all while Willow spectates, and she calls upon the help of Clover to mediate. Soon, the palismen bring over a crate full of snacks, and Willow encourages her friends to take a break, which they all do. Soon after, Alador allows Hunter to steer and conjures abomination mittens for Amity while she's trying to warm up her hands, causing her to question if this is where her nickname comes from. King, still on Willow's lap, exclaims how amazing simply helping out a little can be. She responds that anyone can help if they always look for the right opportunity, something King takes to heart.

Come and See napisy polskie


Meanwhile, every witch on the Boiling Isles, dressed in cloaks, approaches the head of the Titan for the Day of Unity. Emperor Belos appears on the balcony above, promising to rid the Isles of all wild magic and create a paradise for all. At the same time, all Head Witches make their way to a circle above for the draining spell. While this is happening, Eda, Lilith, and Raine hide in a secluded area. Raine explains that the Coven Heads think they'll become royalty after the Day of Unity, but an optimistic Eda interrupts them by affirming that with her curse, everything will be under her control, even though she is now branded with the Bard Coven sigil. Lilith then runs over to hug Eda. In a tearful voice, her sister makes up a fictional spell similar to a pain-sharing spell, assuring Lilith and Hooty she'll be okay. Eda activates her cloaking stone, disguising herself as Raine and meeting up with Darius and Eberwolf at the area of the draining spell. To their surprise, Belos has Darius and Eberwolf switch positions, so Eda is in between Adrian and Terra instead, Eda wincing as Terra calls her "sprout."

Just then, Kikimora arrives with what she believes to be Hunter, insisting that this is enough to get her old position back or even enough to become his new right-hand man. However, Philip turns her down, telling her to "find a hole to wither away in." Philip then picks up The Collector's tablet while simultaneously forcing Kikimora and her Abomatron out of the room with his artificial magic. He then takes the tablet to the edge of the ravine outside his quarters, removing the cloak and projecting The Collector, who reminds him of everything he's done to help him. But Philip states that's why he won't release him, to prevent The Collector from helping anyone else, dropping the tablet down the ravine as The Collector's screaming voice fades away.

The eclipse finally happens, and the magic is slowly drained out of every witch with a sigil, including the Coven Heads. Darius fearfully realizes that they're too late to stop the spell. Terra, now significantly scared, asks Raine if the Emperor will give them the "paradise" they all deserve, to which they shake their head no in response. Eda watches as every Coven Head then collapses as the draining spell drains them of their magic and life. On the ground, the other witches and the Coven Scouts realize what is happening and attempt to escape, only for the Abomatons to block the way out, trapping everyone inside. Philip convulses in his quarters, as Luz demands that he stop the spell. However, Philip doesn't do anything but roll around in pain. Eventually, he becomes unable to control himself anymore and turns into his monster form. With this form manifested, he begins to chase Luz around.

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