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7-Day Stretch Challenge

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Hugo Language Course: Welsh In Three Months

This intensive course book aims to help students learn the basics of Dutch in a short period of time. With only eight hours of study time a week for a period of twelve weeks, you can learn the basics of Dutch in only three months.

Hugo Language Course: Welsh In Three Months

Does the idea of learning Dutch at home in only 12 weeks sound appealing to you? If 12 weeks seems like a very short amount of time, believe It or not it is possible to achieve with Hugo Dutch in Three Months. With only eight hours of study time a week for a period of twelve weeks, you can learn the basics of Dutch in only three months.

But the way I managed to be able to speak Hungarian in just two months was doing the exact opposite. Much to the frustration of people who I met, who were convinced Hungarian was the hardest language in the world, I would cheerily maintain how ridiculously easy my task was.

The absolute easiest part of Hungarian conjugation is the fact that it is basically based around just three verb tenses; past, present, future. Any other European language will have past perfect, pluperfect, etc. but it's more straightforward in Hungarian. All conjugations are very consistent and there are way less irregular verbs than there are in many other languages.

Does anyone know anything about what may have happened to Swfritter? It's been three months since he last responded to his talk page, and the only activity since then has been a monthly upload of the TOC images for Daily Science Fiction. He's not updated his status on the Moderator page either. Just getting a little worried. He's one of the few go-to guys when it comes to magazines. Mhhutchins 22:12, 20 October 2011 (UTC)

LOCAL APPOINTMENTS Mr. John Williams' Questions I in the House. In the House of Commons on Tuesday, Mr. John Williams (Lab., Gowe:-) ques- tioned the President of the Local Govern- ment Board regardlngaJlegéd irregulari- ties committed by the Llangyfelach Parish CounciL Major Asfcox replied that the appoint- ment of assistant overseer for the parish rests with the Parish Council, and does not require the sanction of his Depart- ment. LLANGYFELACH RELIEVING I OFFICER. Replying bo Mr. John Williams, who called attention to the appointment of a monoglot Englishman as relieving officer for the Llangyfelach district, made re- cently by the Guardians of the Swansea Union, whereas three Welsh-speaking dis- charged soldiers were on the short list for final selection, Ma jor Astor said in reporting the ap- pointment the Guardians intimated that the Welsh language is much used in the district, and tba/t the candidate appointed had yet to learn the language. Their re- port also showed that the five selected candidates, who were tested by examina- tion, included three ex-soldiers, and that the candidate appointed wa

-1 16LAI!0? HOSPITAL 1 154,GOO SChEME PUT BACK SIX MuhTHS- Mr. Morgan, Borough Architect, sub- mitted plans to the Health Committee on Tuesday for the proposed new Borough Isolation Hospital. He said the cost pre-war would have been 270,000, but it would now cost 9151.,000, and would take 100'men three years to complete the work. The costs of building at the pre-war rate could be said to have increased 120 per cent. The plans submitted allowed for an ex- tension on the first erection. Councillor Delve remarked on this, and the chair- man (Councillor Dd. Williams) said they were preli.? for a time when the popu- lation of Swansea would be a quarter of a million. I Tho Architect said he could hold out no hope of the price of building materials de- creasing for-at least five years, and it was decided that the matter be put back for dircussion in six months' time. i ii 041b061a72


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