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7-Day Stretch Challenge

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Download Creative Sb0680 Sound Blaster Driver

After Windows 10 1903 update, the drivers stopped working, they install, but there is no sound from soundcard, neither the Creative Audio Console cannot see the card. A solution is to install latest driver from Audigy RX (manually via *inf). Rest of the package (Creative programs) can be left from daniel_k package.[20]

Download Creative Sb0680 Sound Blaster Driver


Recently I'm digging into various AudioPCI cards but realize that the drivers for different models of them are different. The drivers on are all for ES1371/ES1373 but no ES1370 or EV1938. So I downloaded many drivers for different operating systems and looked for device IDs and here's what I've found:ES1370/CT5507: VEN 1274 DEV 5000ES1371/CT2518/ES1373: VEN 1274 DEV 1371CT5880: VEN 1274 DEV 5880EV1938: VEN 1102 DEV 8938CT5880's driver always comes with newer version ones of ES1371/CT2518/ES1373, which doesn't include DOS driver. Besides, I've read from some website that CT5880 is an updated version of ES1371/CT2518, which added 5.1-channel output. Then I found cards as many as possible to look for their chips:AudioPCI 1000/3000/SoundBlaster PCI 64: ES1370 with AKM AK4531AudioPCI 5000: ES1371 with TriTech 28023AudioPCI 5100: ES1371 with TriTech 28023 and LM1876T amplifierAudioPCI 5200: ES1373 with TriTech 28023CT4700 (SoundBlaster PCI 128): CT5507 with AKM AK4531 and TDA7360 amplifierCT4730 (SoundBlaster PCI 64V): EV1938CT4740 (SoundBlaster PCI 16): ES1373/CT5880 with Crystal CS4297A/SigmaTel STAC9721T and TDA1517P amplifierCT4750 (SoundBlaster PCI 128 Digital): CT5880 with SigmaTel STAC9708T (The only 5.1-channel AudioPCI)CT4810 (SoundBlaster Vibra 128): CT2518/CT5880 with Crystal CS4297A/SigmaTel STAC9721T and maybe TDA1517P amplifierCT5800: ES1373 with SigmaTel STAC9721TAlso there're some mysterious EMU10K1X (VEN 1102 DEV 0006) cards, like Sound Blaster Live! SB0200, Sound Blaster 5.1 SB0680 and Ectiva Audio 5.1 TP0033, which according to some posts may be AudioPCI, though I'm suspicious about this.Because of the use of SigmaTel STAC9708T codec, the CT4750 card should have the best output quality.Drivers for these chips are different. Except EMU10K1X, there are 3 different drivers for these chips. ES1370/CT5507 one, ES1371/CT2518/ES1373/CT5880 one, and EV1938 one. Drivers on Ensoniq website are for ES1370/CT5507 only and there's no DOS driver. Drivers on Creative website are for ES1370/ES1371. No EV1938 driver anywhere. I'm sure that CT4730 was a retail card. Some DOS drivers mislabeled ES1371 as SoundBlaster PCI 64V, but in fact it's not.Therefore I'm interested about driver support for these cards under DOS/Windows 9x/Windows XP. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can provide drivers for these cards for DOS. Currently only ES1371/ES1373/CT5880 have DOS drivers.


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