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Dantalian No Shoka Episode 2

In this episode of Dantalian no Shoka, we see Huey and Dalian take a trip to the countryside. Will they find love? Books? A slightly unhinged black widow in training? Only time, and this episode, will tell.

Dantalian no Shoka Episode 2

Lastly, I am curious to the library of Phantom Books that Dalian oversees. Being stored entirely within her Earthly body, Dalian possesses hundreds of thousands of powerful, magical books at her seemingly immediate disposal (just needs Huey around). But what Phantom Books does she own and what are all their strange powers? Are there other books that she needs for her collection and, if she does, why does she need them? And who else controls these Phantom Books and what are they planning to do with them? I am quite interested in learning more about Dalian, the nature of the Phantom Books, and the secrets regarding the library within her, so I hope we learn about these issues soon. I figure these details might be held until later in the series when Dalian is the focal point of the episodes but any small scraps of information would help appease my curious and satisfy me even further.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this episode overall, the mystery/detective style in this episode felt like a bit of a disappointment when compared to the first one. Stories that revolve around mysteries that are started, developed and finished within one episode never really click with me, which is why I strongly prefer the first episode over this one. Episodes like these tend to focus solely on the mystery, which only survives this one episode, meaning that cutting out this episode would have minimal effect on character development and the whole story. Additionally, the first episode had an exploratory and fantasy feel to it, introducing new concepts throughout the entire episode as we begin to understand the world of Dantalian no Shoka. I loved that format and was hoping for something similar in this episode.

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian is a 12 episode Japanese anime television. The series takes place in England, sometime after World War 1, the main character Hugh Anthony Disward, also known as Huey, inherits his grandfather's mansion and his personal library. In the library, Huey meets Dantalian who is the keeper of the Phantom Books. After agreeing to become a key keeper for Dantalian, they travel to places, to restore the Phantom Books where incidents related to the power of the Phantom Books occurs at.

Lord Hugh Anthony Disward (AKA "Huey") uses a Webley .455 Mk VI with wooden grips as his personal sidearm for most of the series that he received from his service in the Royal Flying Corps (1917) and later Royal Air Force (1918). He is seen using the revolver in Ep. 01 "Turn-up Book", Ep. 02 "Book of Fetus", Ep. 04 "Book of Soul Exchange" (which is a homage to Stephen King's novel Misery), Ep. 05 "The Magician's Daughter", Ep. 07 "The Perfumer", Ep. 09 "Book of Twilight" and Ep. 12 "Song of the Unseen Tomorrow". In a few episodes, the revolver can be seen reloaded by him with single rounds.

What a pleasant surprise! This actually turned into a nice ending, although it was rushed. They could have easily used up an extra episode or two on this or the last episode, especially given how repetitive the later arcs became. 041b061a72


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